Market Review & Identification

So you have had this fantastic idea, now how do you get the news out there and grow your business?

This is market development - looking at what you have and where you can sell it. There are so many options so where to do you start?

Arveth can help, working with you to explore why you developed the idea in the first place, identifying what aspects you want to highlight, developing target customer profiles and preparing a marketing launch plan. 

Gaining authentic voice of the customer is a chicken and egg challenge, you need customers to try your idea so you can gain feedback but no-one knows about it yet. Having commercialised products across a range of scientific sectors, I can help identify key opinion leaders in your field and approach them to obtain market trends and information.

Also it is important to assess competitor landscape and who (if anyone) are direct competitors and where their strengths and weakness lie.





We engaged Sarah for a short assignment to help us with marketing. Sarah's background was very relevant. Quickly understanding our business model, our USP and technology applications she made some focused and value added business development contributions for our future. We hope to implement these going forwards. We are confident we could apply Sarah's skills and experience to many other aspects to develop our growing business. Looking forward to welcoming Sarah once again.

Tom Graham CEO April 2022