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Capturing customer insights - Why, how and when
Sales basics for scientific entrepreneurs

Capturing customer insights

Are you letting valuable information slip away?

Customer insights and feedback are some of the most valuable information you have and yet so often it is not captured and acted upon. 

I've heard all the excuses:

  • Sales think it's a waste of their time to record it
  • R&D just don't listen and develop what they want
  • Marketing, it doesn't fit with our personas

Yet there are great reasons why you should collect and act on this information.

  • Gives the sales teams new reasons to visit
  • You learn what's hot in your market
  • Improved technical support and extension product lines

This course works with your team to understand why and design a process to work effectively with these insights.

Course overview

Topics include:

For the sales team:

  • I'm too busy - why should I record customer insights?
    • improved technical support
    • reason for repeat visit/contacts

For marketing:

  • Understand your customers more fully
    • improving sales collateral

For R&D:

  • What customers are really doing with your product/service
  • What are the customer niggles

For management:

  • What product / service should we develop next?
  • What other markets are open to us?

By having all the different roles in the same room, we can decide on what is important for your business and how we can implement it effectively so everyone can reap the benefits.



Who should attend?

  • Sales and customer-facing teams
  • R&D
  • Marketing
  • Management


Designed for you

  • Design your feedback workflow
  • Decide what questions are important
  • Reporting and decision-making

Ongoing support

  • Ongoing support via virtual platforms. 
  • Planned review sessions to ensure your team are getting the most from your information .
  • Refresher or new starter sessions available.


  • On-site, in person
  • Remote learning through a video conferencing platform.
  • Half day and full day options available.
  • Up to 15 people
  • Half day courses from £600

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