Customer Stories

Cryologyx Ltd

The Business Ready support programme ( introduced Arveth and Cryologyx as part of their mentoring programme for sales and marketing support of scientific tools and services. Cryologyx and Arveth have continued the relationship as I provide ongoing commercial advice and business development support to the team.

Cryologyx Ltd developed novel cryoprotectant technology which unlike DMSO does not penetrate the cell but provide a coating and increased protection during freezing. They use this technology to provide pre-plated assay ready cells, which removes the need for time-consuming cell culture after thawing, thus improve throughout for cell-based assays. 

Capitainer AB

Capitainer AB produces quantitative microsampling devices suitable for home sampling by the patient themselves. These provide an alternative to the patient or clinical trial participant attending a doctor’s surgery or clinic appointment for a blood test. 

Arveth initially did a small market knowledge project specifically considering the use in clinical trial units for challenging patient groups (e.g. oncology or paediatrics) where studies might require multiple blood samples over a short period of time for pharmacokinetic analysis. Following the initial project Arveth is providing support for networking, prospecting and opportunities for collaboration or funding.

Birmingham City University - Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

The Midlands has a great selection of universities with expertise across pure and applied life and health sciences, so the challenge for BCU was to develop a plan to increase academic-industry interaction and provide the academics opportunities to collaborate.

Arveth was tasked with a project to understand the regional university landscape, look at the limitations and opportunities for the academics and develop a strategy. Following a period of interviews, market review and discussions both a service product offering and outreach plan were presented to all involved and will be taken forward.

Strathclyde University

Arveth is working through Strathclyde University’s Industry Engagement and Commercialisation Team to support the two groups who want use to their expertise and state-of-art analytical equipment to support both external and internal customers.

Together we have worked through the practicalities of time and project management for the different groups, looked at the buying process from initial enquiry, method information and requirement, quotation, terms and conditions through to reporting. We arranged meetings with existing customers to get their feedback and also develop customer stories to support the marketing.

This project is ongoing, the initial team Arveth has been working with is being used as an example to look at related groups which could support external customers. 

Ulster University

Dr Jeremy Hamilton at Ulster University was part of a team developing a device for the measurement of harmful microorganisms in water. Dr Hamilton took part in a UK research council-funded innovation programme (ICURe) designed to help early career academics with commercialising their research. 

Dr Hamilton said “I was introduced to Sarah as a potential Business Adviser to support me through the ICURe programme, which provided a platform to assess market potential of a research outcome. As an academic, I knew that I may not have all the commercial skillsets needed to develop a product or business, so I appreciated having an adviser that could ask questions and steer activities so I could refine the value proposition and that was invaluable”  

“Sarah was able to assist with advice around potential market sectors, route to market, varying the value proposition, assessment of competing products and what differentiated our offering.  She was able to suggest companies and individuals from her network that I could approach to aid in the ICURe information-gathering phase. Supportively she helped critique our strengths and weaknesses along with those of competing technologies to enable us to approach investors with a rational understating our market potential” 

“Having been awarded some follow on funding to look deeper at our device, I hope that in the future I may be able to work with Sarah again on this or another project.”

Humane Technologies

Humane Technologies focusses on microbiological instrumentation for educational settings. Arveth was engaged for a short assignment to help us with marketing where Sarah's background was very relevant. Quickly understanding our business model, our USP and technology applications she made some focused and value added business development contributions for our future.